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Behind the Idea

Simon and Ian were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that both of them were thinking about how to develop a directory of tutors. Both were committed to developing a world-class web-site that enabled students and tutors to find the best possible match for them in a more friendly, accessible and affordable way than any other service available.

Ian's Story

When I met Simon I couldn’t believe my luck. Here was the man that would help bring to life my vision for a tutor directory. I had over a decade of experience teaching Economics, delivering consistently excellent A-level results in the State sector. I had also built a very successful private tuition business with highly satisfied students and parents. I had learnt from experience the huge value of talking or meeting up with parents or prospective students before tutoring began. Frustratingly none of the tutoring sites I had found allowed this to happen before a tutee had selected their tutor.

I knew that parents, students and tutors would welcome a new more accessible, more affordable, higher quality private tutor search service. I knew exactly what I wanted to create. But I didn’t have a clue how to register a domain name, let alone build a website! Happily, this is the expertise Simon brings to our partnership.

Simon's Story

From the age of 8, I've been programming. Starting out with my trusty Commodore 64, writing simple text-based games, and progressing to more complex software development. At the age of 13 I designed my first website, back in the days of domain names costing £200, and nearly all of them still being available, just a shame I didn't know what would happen over the next 10 years or I could have been a wealthy man!

In 2001 I launched my first website directory which quickly grew to be a market leader in the early years of the internet. This gave me a taste for automated sites, which served a clear purpose, and above all did what other sites were already doing - but better.

Find a Private Tutor is the latest iteration of this, and I genuinely believe it will grow to become the market leader, both more effective and cheaper than the competition.

Meeting Ian, a guy with great experience and knowledge of the entire educational system allowed this project to gain focus, and he's brought insider knowledge that has proved invaluable.